Energy Efficiency

Translucent Building Design – Both sides of the building consist of tempered glass and the roof is made of acrylic. It’s an energy-efficient building design because it makes use of the natural light during the daytime hours. Another nice energy-saving feature is the LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior of the building and including the site lighting.


Water Reclaim System – The system is new technology and state of the art. It can reclaim up to 95% of the water and reuses a majority of that during the wash cycle. The system is fine-tuned to handle all of the harsh and hazardous material cars pick up on the road (mag chloride, motor oil, grease, phosphates, antifreeze, tar, etc.)


Centrifugal Blower Producers – The efficient centrifugal motor design minimizes energy consumption dramatically. The design contours to the vehicle minimizing the energy needed during the drying process.


Floor Mat Cleaners – For customers that like to have their floor mats washed and dried. This is a quick and easy way to clean them or freshen them up. We can recycle and reuse the water these units produce as well.