UNLIMITED WASHES starting at $25/month


Monday – Sunday 8:00am – 7:00pm

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Meadows Express Car Wash Castle Rock CO 6
Meadows Express Car Wash Prices 11-21

Car Wash in Castle Rock, CO

  • Exclusive Translucent Building Design
  • Conveyor Belt Loading System
  • State of the Art Soft Cloth Washing
  • Express Tire Shine Applicator
  • Complementary High Power Vacuums
  • 2 Ultramodern Self Serve Pet Washes
  • Castle Rock Car Detailing (Coming Summer 2022)

Self Service Car Wash

Locally owned and operated! We Live Here! We are residents of The Meadows and the Town of Castle Rock, CO and are familiar with the wonderful lifestyle in our area. We dine at the same restaurants as you, watch the same beautiful sunsets, play golf at the same courses, and support the local businesses in our Town.

Car Wash in Castle Rock, CO